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joi, 17 ianuarie 2008


Going through my books today...again..as I do every two weekends or so(:D), I realised how dear these two are to me... 'Pride and Predjudice' and 'Sense and Sensibility'...

Jane Austen was,I think, my first literary love... mainly because her books appeared in my life at a moment when the intricacies of the English language amused and enticed me so much that I ended up reading her over and over again. This morning I started reading Sense and Sensibility again, for the 5th time..or so... Austen's language is absolutely delicious, her choice of words...bewildering. She uses epithets in constructions that seem to dare you never to speak again, just stand in awe and fascination to her writing. For once, I am so impressed by the quality of the language that the subject fades in importance. Her books are a Paradise to adjective-freaks such as myself.:) Sometimes I just take one of them out of the shelves, open it randomly and read a short passage... just to remind myself of why I love English so much.

If I was to go on the hypothetical island were one can only take 1 thing...it is one of these two books that I would take.. because the bounty of its vocabulary, exquisiteness of dialogues and the luxuriousness of its descriptions is enough to last forever...

P.S. Needless to say that it absolutely MUST be read in English..any translation takes away the magic and I have still to find a Romanian translation of this book to please me.:)

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