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joi, 17 ianuarie 2008


I was coming home tonight..with the stinky, crowded bus (!)..Anyway, there was this little girl..5..maybe 6...singing her heart out...and she wasn't singing manele or stupid pop music...she was singing sill girlie songs..the kind you learn in kindergarden or music class...aboul blue flowers and the moon and other such subjects... I don't know if it was her pretty brown curls, her childish voice or the fact that there are still kids that like singing something other than manele...but the image of her obvious delight and the way she was savouring every word she was singing... they just got to me. She just stuck to my mind and I can't stop thinking about it...

I have no memory of myself being 5... I wish I did..I wish I could remember such an episode from my life... as vrea sa-mi amintesc un cantecel..sau un joc pe care il jucam..orice...ceva...sa-mi aminteasca ca there realy was a simpler time in my life as well..a time when everything came easy...and worries were really... not there...

But then again...does anyone remember those times? Maybe they are just supposed to go away from our memory...Because we cannot cry over the happiness that we don't remember.

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