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duminică, 7 septembrie 2008

Saturday ramblings...a day later!

Si asa se face ca m-am jucat un joc pentru copii isteti, cu enigme si vampiri si tot tacamul...si nu mi-a displacut chiar total...asta daca nu m-ar enerva toata ideea asta cu Vlad Tepes = Evil Vampire dar cum I am a sucker for gothic-like stories and mysteries, I kind of liked it.
Also, I am now the proud owner, of interpreting experience (aplause please!!!!). Oh, and hopefully...it only hurts the first time :P. (I'm talking about elephants in my stomach of course.)

On a more...reader-wise note, I have two books finished that I've still haven't managed to write about...but that's ok...I think..maybe I will soon. Acum astept cu nerabdare Schimb de Carti...poate gasesc ceva interesant...si mai astept si un Pamuk...de la cineva...care tot vineee. As vrea sa ies la cumparaturi...de carti, evident...si inca nu ma indur. Dar cred ca ma fac mare...for real this time...so keep your fingers crossed.

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