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sâmbătă, 2 august 2008

Saturday ramblings

Saturday again, and indeed a wonderful day it is. I'm looking back to last year and comparing situations and I am surprised and pleased. Though my financial situation has not much improved, I am surprisingly discovering how wonderful a year I've had. Strange how I somehow measure my years starting and ending with the vacation. Last year's was a disaster that lead into a disaster but all's well that ends well cause look at me now. I cannot begin to rejoice for the incredible amount of spare time that I'm having, for all the books I am able to read and all the hours and days that I can dedicate fully to myself and those dear to me. It is what I would call an ideal situation, however hard it is to keep sometimes.
So, in view of those sentimental words, here follow my usual Saturday ramblings.

I treated myself these days...a pair of shoes that make me smile and a couple of movies that make me cry. What else can a girl ask for! :)

And off we go...

3 Comentários:

aneanu spunea...

Dap, meritam un pic de rasfat si in momentul asta m-am decis sa ma rasfat si eu cu Deus si Byron live vinerea aceasta. Abia astept sa ne povestiti cum a fost mini-evadarea...
Intre timp trebuie sa remarc doua leit-motive ale momentului prezent: paunul (long Jung-inspirational story)si Jeux... (pe care il postasem si eu cu destul timp in urma obsedata fiind de Let go - Imogen Heap si cu care l-am contaminat pare-se si pe Gino pe blogul lui:P).

DiAnais spunea...

Jung inspirational story? Do tell!

Gino spunea...

cap ou pas cap?

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